Custom-made and not standardized

The services we offer include the various computer-based development phases necessary for designing mechatronic systems as well as the entire development chain.

iXtronics customizes the project services to meet the requirements of each customer while also incorporating modeling of the customer's systems. For this purpose, physical and technical parameters such as CAD drawings for example are exchanged between the client and iXtronics. The system model serves as the basis for an analysis in the time and frequency ranges and for optimizations.

iXtronics offers the following services:
  •  Modeling of the dynamic properties of the system
  •  Modeling of hybrid systems (discrete and continuous components)
  •  Generation of real-time code for complex 3D multibody systems
  •  Identification and validation of variables based on measurement data
  •  Analysis (simulation, frequency response, user values)
  •  Controller design and system optimization

For this purpose iXtronics uses the free open source mechatronic development environment CAMeL-View. Information and download of the free version can be found at