EDware SAR

Squeak And Rattle Prediction Software

EDware SAR is a unique knowledge based analytical software to identify critical squeak and rattle locations from any complicated mechanical or structural assembly.

EDware SAR provides a simple, accurate, real time cost-effictive solution to solve SAR issues at a very early product development phase.

EDware SAR identifies critical Squeak and Rattle Locations fully automatically for you!

Now out:

More performance, easier to use

EDware SAR V6 with material combinations database for squeak Analysis (optional).

New Features

  • Cross platform 64 Bit application (Windows, Linux)
  • Improved data management via new project file concept (multiple models, solver databases and result databases at the same time)
  • Smaller memory footprint
  • Major performance improvements (loading times, rendering speed, SAR processing time)
  • Best practice process enhancements from the experience and feedback of the former EDware versions
  • Optional material combinations database with ca. 25.000 material pairs

General Features

  • Uses existing FEA models of any standard NVH, durability or safety simulation
  • Automates virtual SAR evaluation with minimal user interaction
  • Provides part pairs along with critical locations
  • Accounts for material (impact and friction) properties
  • Accounts for thermal influence
  • Supports automatic report generation as well as interactive dynamic results visualization
  • User defined customized presentation of results

Application examples

  • Trim Body
  • Instrument Panel
  • Doors
  • Cockpit
  • Convertibles
  • Latches
  • Seats
  • Sun roofs
  • Convertible roofs


  • Improved product quality
  • Virtual evaluation of alternative design concepts before tooling
  • "What if" studies leading to lower warranty costs
  • Reduced product development time and cost
  • Reduced prototype tooling

Hardware / Software Requirements

  • CPU >=2 Ghz (AMD or Intel)
  • RAM >=2 GB, 16 GB recommended
  • Video Card nVidia (preferred) >=128 MB
  • Harddisk >=80 GB (for work), 5 GB (for temporary files)
  • Operating Systems Linux (Red Hat, Gentoo, CentOS, u.s.w.), Windows 7
  • Libraries OpenGL Version 2.0 or better
  • Abaqus FEA Supports different versions of Abaqus, but not all. Others per request.

Patent No. 10/016,813, Dec. 2001
EDware SAR overview
Automatic Squeak and Rattle Prediction for Nastran and Abaqus Models
EDware SAR detail
Detailed automatic Squeak and Rattle Analysis for each Pair of Parts