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CAMeL-View development software

  • Various forms of description are needed to create models of mechatronic systems.
  • For this purpose, the basic version of CAMeL-View provides a number of control-related description elements for creating models with graphics support.
  • Other descriptors are provided by toolboxes such as Multibody Systems Toolbox, Hydraulic Systems Toolbox, Pneumatic Systems Toolbox.

Animation Toolbox

  • Animation Toolbox provides 3D animations in CAMeL-View.
  • With the help of Animation Toolbox, CAMeL-View is able to display 3D views of all components and animate them.
  • Support is provided to directly import data from CAD tools like CATIA and NX.
371 Analysis

Data Logging Toolbox

  • Data Logging Toolbox allows you to store measurement data for subsequent evaluation and analysis of measurement results even outside CAMeL-View.
  • Post-processing enables the user to utilize the results to specifically optimize the system further.
Data Logging Toolbox

Real Time Statechart Toolbox

  • CAMeL-View Real-time Statechart Toolbox allows the graphic modeling of the process control in mechatronic systems.
  • High-level structures are supported to enable time- and cost-efficient development and control of complex reactive system behavior.
Real Time Statechart

Instrumentation- & Documentation Toolbox

  • Instrumentation & Documentation Toolbox contains a large number of display elements and extensions that are needed for instrumentation and documentation of experiments and models.
  • In addition, characteristics for plot windows are provided such as:
  • Oscilloscope function
  • Data capturin
  • Data record scaling and offset
  • Optional automatic scaling/fixed scaling
  • Model documentation
Instrumentation  & Documentation Toolbox